First try at making a compendium class:

First try at making a compendium class:

First try at making a compendium class:


When you successfully sing with the wild storm spirits, the next time you level up you may take this move:

Sing Up a Storm

You can sing to summon the storm spirits and set the storm loose. When you do, roll+CHA. On a success, you are unharmed. On 10+, you can decide, generally, what is or isn’t damaged in the area.

If you have taken Sing Up a Storm, these moves are available to you when you level up:

Voice of Thunder

When you confront someone with your booming voice, roll+CON. On 7-9, you take 1d4 damage and they are briefly stunned. On 10+, choose one:

• They are knocked down, too

• You don’t take damage

Ride the Wild Wind

While a storm you summoned is raging, you can ride the winds! Where you go is mostly up to the whims of the storm spirits, though.

Fear the Storm

When you parley using the threat of destruction, you get +1. However, if they don’t do what you ask, the storm will be set loose on them whether you want it to or not.

Lightning Lance

When a storm is raging, you can call down lightning. The lightning does 2d6 damage and ignores metal armor. Roll+CON. On a hit, the lightning hits who you choose. On a 10+, it hits only who you choose.

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