4 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. It’s more a way of saying that the Druid has embraced a different sort of natural form – that with no static shape at all.  At level 1, the Druid is a “halfling” or a “human” but when they take this move, they’re such potent shapeshifters that they’ve embraced the fluid nature of their magic.  If you asked them what they “really” were, they’d say “I have no form, I am spirit.”

    Something like that, at least.  Potency and freedom from the static nature of most mortals.

  2. I think that much depends on the Druid in question, right?  It might be a big serious thing or it might not.  It might be as simple as “the flesh is merely cloth for the spirit” or it might be a transcendent thing – where the Druid has become something more.

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