Dis Postal Ministry* game tonight!

Dis Postal Ministry* game tonight!

Dis Postal Ministry* game tonight! 

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dimensional raiders, nor transplanar reality warp shall prevent the completion of these appointed rounds.

When you open a package that doesn’t belong to you, roll +nothing.  On a 6-, choose one.  On a 7-9, choose two.  On a 10+, choose all but one.

    * the contents are valuable

    * the contents are useful

    * the contents are not broken

    * the contents are not dangerous

    * your tampering is not evident to anyone

* might not be the Dis Postal Ministry game, the job board will be stocked in that direction but we will play to find out!

5 thoughts on “Dis Postal Ministry* game tonight!”

  1. When in doubt…

    1 – A collection of skulls from assorted sentient species

    2 – Various components used by moon priestesses in their cross-species fertility rituals

    3 – A book in an unknown language

    4 – Lots of diamonds (if valuable isn’t chosen, obviously fake to any trained appraiser)

    5 – Nothing. The package is empty. Huh.

    6 – A young girl held in magical stasis.

    When you roll on the table, erase the used item and replace it with something off the top of your head.

  2. Fry: Are we going to fly all over space, fighting monsters and teaching alien women how to love? 

    Professor Hubert Farnsworth: If by that you mean delivering cargo, then yes. It’s a little home business I started to fund my research. 

    Fry: Cool. What’s my job gonna be? 

    Professor Hubert Farnsworth: You’re gonna make sure the cargo reaches its destination. 

    Fry: So, I’m a delivery boy? 

    Professor Hubert Farnsworth: Exactly. 

    Fry: All right! I’m a delivery boy! 

  3. John Harper after reading your blog re: weak moves, I wonder if this move would be stronger if the GM were choosing the options.

    I wrote it this way because I imagined unchosen options would likely be rolled into GM moves immediately so that call-and-response player-GM rhythm would be preserved.

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