Sage. Adam. I found your new back cover blurb.

Sage. Adam. I found your new back cover blurb.

Sage. Adam. I found your new back cover blurb.

“Dungeon Ghetto be a tabletop roleplayin game. It’s a set of rulez dat you use, along wit yo’ playas, ta play up fantasy adventures. You’ll take on tha rolez of dwarves, elves, n’ humans up in a ghetto of magic. You’ll grill dangerous enemies, sweepin plots, and treacherous locations fo’ realz. Is you ready?”

16 thoughts on “Sage. Adam. I found your new back cover blurb.”

  1. Eon Fontes-May  n’ Sean Dunstan run some pimped out game of Dungeon Ghetto n’ they’ve collected fuckin shitloadz of experiences they wanted ta pass on ta newer playas. To do that, they put together they guide ta Dungeon Ghetto. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! It’s a short PDF jam-packed wit pimped out stuff��”an up in depth peep how tha fuck they understand moves, a guide ta combat, some ready-to-go fronts n’ compendium classes, freshly smoked up playable flavas, n’ much more.

    Yo ass can downlizzle tha guide as both a PDF suitable fo’ screen reading and a print-ready PDF dat can be saddle-stitched into a funky-ass booklet.

  2. “Dungeon Ghetto has rules. Not tha lawz of pimps and tha rule of some petty tyrant. Bigger, mo’ betta rules. Yo ass drop somethang—it falls. Yo ass can’t make somethang outta nothang. Da dead stay dead, right?

    Oh, tha thangs our crazy-ass asses tell ourselves ta feel mo’ betta bout tha long, dark nights.”

  3. Struttin’ Dead

    5 HP, 1 armor

    Pimp Hand: 1d6 damage, ignores armor, Close

    Instinct: To get his money

    • Blind with 70’s outfit

    • Be a playa

    • Go upside your head

  4. ”Yo ass be a funky-ass beast of iron. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. Yo Crazy-Ass playaz may carry bladez of forged steel but, Fighter, yo ass is steel. ” This is priceless!

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