11 thoughts on “Finished!”

  1. It’s Monday EVEN ON THE WEST COAST WHAT’S THE HOLDUP Oh you probably meant a sensible time didn’t you? Okay, I’m slightly impatient for this.

  2. So… backers should have access now. Can I dub this the OFFICAL THREAD FOR QUESTIONS, TYPO HUNTING, AND JEERS? Please post anything you find here so I can fix it before it goes to print.

  3. Also, the reason it’s called “Dark Heart of the Dreamer” and not just “The Planarch Codex” is because there might be more some day (including maybe stuff by other people).

  4. Reading this now!

    If a die falls on the floor or is otherwise disturbed or unreadable, congratulations: you have just rolled an interloper. In the next room, in addition to the usual dangers, create a new one that doesn’t “belong.”

    So good.

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