11 thoughts on “Anyone have an interest in Birthright for Dungeon World?”

  1. So domain moves, magician, and blood lines. Mass combat would be a plus. Bonds would be modified as well.

    Any work on blood lines would be well advised to consider work that could apply to Eberron.

    All of this said, my memories of Birthright are all related to being a regent that was outclassed by more powerful regents. It was through adventure that I advanced my characters cause.

  2. There was a supplement, but I’m certain that is still in the works. And yes that would be very helpful.

    Travis Stout AW’s hardhold moves would help for domains. I’m thinking that perhaps compendium classes for different regents?

  3. Speaking of compendium classes, a pre-release version of the Backer’s Class Compendium was released today. It includes a compendium class for guild leaders and landed gentry which would probably be appropriate.

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