So I’ve been working on a thing lately. Behold Dungeon World Dark Sun!

So I’ve been working on a thing lately. Behold Dungeon World Dark Sun!

So I’ve been working on a thing lately. Behold Dungeon World Dark Sun!

Classes doc is the Dark-Sun-ized versions of the core DW classes. Mostly it’s new blurbs, racial/alignment moves, and bonds, but there are also some new moves and stuff swapped around between classes (e.g. the bard gets the thief’s poison-related moves, while the thief gets… something I haven’t decided yet).

Gladiator doc is a new class. Big thanks to the folks over on the Something Awful Traditional Games forum for constructive feedback, suggestions, and sanity checks.

Misc. Stuff is currently just a junk doc, a place to put ideas that come to me so I don’t forget them.

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  1. And the classes are now at beta. Latest changes:

    * Full writeups for every class. Most of that, of course, is copy/paste from Dungeon World, but all classes have Dark Sun appropriate Names, Looks, and Gear, and several have had moves tweaked or refluffed for Dark Sun.

    * Tweaked Gladiator’s Names and Looks

    * Moved Gladiator into the Classes doc.

    * Added chatchka and gythka as armament options for all classes with a thri-kreen move.

    * Changed Gladiator’s Mano-a-Mano move (it now reads like the rules for Serpent’s Tears poison).

    * Changed Gladiator’s Rope-a-Dope move to allow for increased bastardry. It now negates the -1 ongoing penalty for breaking the Mano-a-Mano code and gives +1 forward to the first of your allies to sucker punch your chosen foe.

    * Added mul racial move to the Templar class and added an extra Bond.

    * Moved all the thief’s poison-related moves to the bard, replacing arcane art and the advanced moves that upgrade it.

    * Added 5 new thief moves to replace the poison-related moves the bard stole: Forger; One Riot, One Rascal; Alley Rat; Escape Artist; and Guild Master.

    Comments are, of course, very welcome and much appreciated.

  2. OK, finally got around to reading this. Great work! Just a couple of things:

    Cleric : Says Dwarf for names, but has Elf racial powers, No half-giant names

    Fighter: Has Dwarf names listed twice, one should be Mul?

        To me the Gladiator was always a weapons master, in the original     DS boxed set, fighters were more like warlords, I may change their signature weapon power to a more commanding or warlord like power.

    Templar, no Neutral alignment? “The will of the King protects the people”.  no spells?

    Wizard Love the defiling, I also feel like it should be a move as well to defile on purpose!

    Looks like two more classes are need to my eye, the Dune Trader and the Psion.

    Also, maybe give every class a minor Wild Talent move? 

    Great job with this. I think I’ll be using it for a DS DW game soon!

  3. Christopher Grau I think the classes are pretty much final at this point, yeah. (FYI, at some point since the original post, I migrated the Gladiator into the Classes doc, so that’s the most currently up-to-date.)

    As far as license, it’s all totally as Creative Commons as anything that’s a wholesale lift from IP I don’t own can be. So feel free to mod away! I know at some point I did the same thing, but for the life of me I can’t remember where I wrote up the traditional DW take on the gladiator. If I find it, I’ll let you know.

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