#Minifront   #Microfront

#Minifront   #Microfront

#Minifront   #Microfront  


A mini front suitable for urban adventures.

Momma & her boys (Ambitious Organization)

Grim Portents

-Momma takes over the numbers racket!

-Momma expands her interests!

-Momma takes over territory, the Wharf, the Ratrun the Red Lantern District!

-Momma offs the old Bosses one by one!

Impending Doom: Momma runs this city!



Solitary, Terrifying

Special Qualities: The most unpleasant halfling you’ve ever met.

10 HP 1 Armor

Cleaver: 1d8+2, messy

Instinct: Take what she wants by force.

Some say she was a cook on a pirate ship and is using treasure to fund her organization. Other say she was in prison for years and built a network of criminal contacts. Either way she’s here so deal with it. Intent on taking over the crime syndicates she’s proven herself to be merciless when taking the things she wants. So get with the program or get out of her way!


-Holler for the boys

-Make a brutal plan and see it through

-Expand her empire


Group, Organized

Special Qualities: Daper

6 HP

Knives (messy) d6

Instinct:Do what Momma tells them.

Momma likes her boys to look their best, she also likes to rub her success in everyone face so her Boys are easy to recognize, dressed in their fine new expensive clothes. Don’t let the polished exterior fool you, they Boys will gut you like a fish if Momma gives the word.


-Outnumber and overpower

-Keep an eye out

-Spend their money like big time high rollers


When you work your contacts for info about Momma roll+CHA. On a 10 you get some useful info about one of her schemes. On a 7-9 You get your info but pick one:

-It costs you some coin

-You owe someone a favor

-You find out something about Momma and she finds out something about you.

When you follow one of Momma’s Boys back to a hideout and try not to be spotted roll+DEX. On a 10, they never saw you. On a 7-9 you find the hideout, but the Boys get suspicious.