So, Space Wurm Vs.

So, Space Wurm Vs.

Originally shared by Jacob Ross

So, Space Wurm Vs. Moonicorn. Anyone played it? Looks fascinating. On the fence as to whether or not to buy it. I like the publisher preview. It’s got 53 pages that provide the full breakdown of the Space Wurm playbook, plus some fronts and dangers, and left me wanting more. I like how it seems to set up the players against one another, gives them built-in setting control and all sorts of other fun. What can you tell me about the other classes included in the book, such as the Creature from the Ghoul Star or This Planet’s Messiah? Are the “Star Bard” and “Star Wizard’ designed for this setting or are they just reprints of DW classes?

PbtA/*World Enemies.

PbtA/*World Enemies.

Originally shared by Jacob Ross

PbtA/*World Enemies. So I know how they work in a few different hacks, but it seems to me that if you were going to create a supplement with enemies that you wanted to be “generic” for as many hacks as possible it would be fiddly to get the enemies just right. In your opinion which system’s enemies embody the most commonly-used enemy rules. Which elements (agendas, for example), should be present in any enemy, no matter the hack?

This is just to let you all know that I’m going to be kickstarting a new series of books.

This is just to let you all know that I’m going to be kickstarting a new series of books.

Originally shared by Jacob Ross

This is just to let you all know that I’m going to be kickstarting a new series of books. The first in the line is Rudyard Kipling’s masterpiece, The Jungle Book. The first section contains the entire text of the original book so you can read it any time you like. The second section is a self-contained RPG based on the Dungeon World rules.

This book is going to have playbooks based on Mowgli, Rikki Tikki Tavi and more. The idea is that you can play with your group of friends, your kids or even a classroom full of students.

I’m really excited to be working on this project. Following the Kickstarter campaign, we’ll be working on the rest of the line. Up in the queue are 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Curse of Capistrano (the origin of Zorro), The Phantom of the Opera and more.

Please spread the word!

This guy is based on a combination of the two great hacks that we’ve seen on these boards, Legend of the Elements…

This guy is based on a combination of the two great hacks that we’ve seen on these boards, Legend of the Elements…

This guy is based on a combination of the two great hacks that we’ve seen on these boards, Legend of the Elements and Uncharted Worlds. This is just the moves. It’s for a game I’m coming up with, tentatively called Gilded World, which is about pirates, clockworkpunk and derring-do. Cryptonium is the Unobtanium of the setting.

Cryptonium Alchemist

You achieve wondrous feats using Cryptonium. These might be immediate effects, temporary potions or high-tech machines.


Botanical Mastery

When you forage in the wild for plants roll +Intellect. On a 7-9 choose one from the first list. On a 10+ also choose one from the second list.

Medicine that heals half the Black die on a Mending move

Poison that deals half the White die on an appropriate move



You get seeds to plant your own

It’s not risky to work with

The plant contains traces of extractable Cryptonium


When you spend time carefully working with plants or minerals roll +Intellect. On a 7-9 you get one unit of Cryptonium to use for your moves. On a 10+, choose one from the list below.

The sample will last indefinitely

The sample isn’t glowing vividly

It didn’t take a long time to extract


When you spend time to distill Cryptonium into an elixir, roll +Intellect. On a 7-9 choose an alchemical effect that this elixir can effect, plus one item from the list below. On a 10+ choose two.

The elixir will last more than a day

A non-Alchemist is capable of using it

The effect is more dramatic than normal


When you destroy a portion of Cryptonium to cause change, choose an alchemic effect and roll +Intellect. On a 7-9 choose two effects below. On a 10+ choose three.

The effect doesn’t have a balancing effect

The effect is subtle enough that nobody knows it was you who caused it

The effect lasts for a whole scene

The effect is permanent (damage can be healed, healed wounds won’t return)

Choose an additional alchemic effect (costs two picks)

Magnify the effect and its balance (double die values, or something else that makes sense, costs two picks, suffer regular balance effect if you also chose to negate the original balance)

Pomp and Ceremony

When you attempt to impress anyone with your knowledge or convince them that you can accomplish wonders, roll +Flair. On a 7-9 choose one from the list below. On 10+ choose 2.

They fear your power

They respect your power

They want to use your power

Alchemic Effects

Alchemy requires the expenditure of Cryptonium. Its effects tend to cause some sort of change. Each effect has a balance. You choose an effect, and the corresponding effect also happens, unless you use a pick from Evocation to cancel the balance.

Alter Appearance

Change your facial appearance and hands to those of someone you’re touching; change their appearance to yours.

Arrest Aging/Speed Aging

You or your touched target stops aging for a month or grow a week younger, up to once per day; the next person you or your touched target sees or touches ages a month immediately (which is almost certainly going to be you if you use this technique on someone else).

Grow Plants/Wither

Cause a plant or seedling to mature and bear fruit; a plant withers. Both plants must be in close proximity. If there are no other plants present, the next plant you touch receives the balance, this stays with you for up to a year.


Heal yourself a close target of Black Die damage; cause White Die damage to yourself or someone close by. This can heal an enemy standing next to your target, or hurt an ally next to your healing target.


A building, ship or equipment item gets repaired; an item cracks, or another part of a ship or building becomes damaged.

Transmute Metal

A quantity of base metal becomes precious or a quantity of precious metal becomes base. This action requires no balance, but it does require two portions of Cryptonium.