I wonder if this might be a future home?

I wonder if this might be a future home?

I wonder if this might be a future home? I recall Jason and the Gauntlet crew being fans of The Perilous Wilds, not sure their take on Freebooters but I can’t imagine they’d be against us settling in there? The Gauntlet has kind of proven itself to be the most reliable voice and community in indie TTRPGs and their policies on inclusive gaming are really important. Thoughts?



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  1. The gauntlet is a great community and having had a look at their new forums I’ve been so pleasantly surprised at how well crafted they are. I will say that the expectation there is that the focus be on a shared community and supporting one another and the Gauntlet. I don’t know how they would integrate a community focused on a single project or creator

  2. Discussions about L&B games would totally be welcomed. But not in any sort exclusive section – only as part of the general gaming discussion.

    You wouldn’t be able to organize games via the site. That will be limited to official Gauntlet Hangouts games (ie those on the official calendar). I will note: Gauntlet Hangouts games are open to the public to play. (For certain patreon levels there is a one week sign up priority but after that it is open to the public. Get on the waitlists – 70% of games pull from them.)

    We are open table – so come play with us for a while and learn the play culture – then if you are so inclined and it’s a good fit you can run open table games with us too!

  3. Shane Liebling, nice work, the forums look great. I am interested in pointing discussion of L&B games over there, but I have a mailing list of 1000+ people and I do not want to inundate the Gauntlet community with new users. Would it perhaps be best to let the wider L&B customer base find the Gauntlet forums on their own?

  4. Jason Lutes what do you think the actual number of people who will act on your suggestion is? You have 800+ here (though likely people have bounced so smaller)…

    The Gauntlet Twitter account has around 6k followers, and that hasn’t lead to server melting hordes rushing us. Yet. 😉

  5. This is from Jason Cordova: “The Gauntlet has a long history of discussing and supporting L&B stuff, especially through our Discern Realities Dungeon World podcast, so I think it’s a natural home for L&B fans. In the beginning, we want to keep the forums fairly light in terms of the different sections that are available, but as the forums grow, it will become necessary, and even desirable, for us to have new sections, possibly even sections dedicated to particular publishers or games. Game organizing is trickier because of how Gauntlet Hangouts is organized. It’s not officially Patreon-gated, but practically-speaking, it is, since the Patrons fill most of the games before non-Patrons have a chance (although the waitlist is often just as good as RSVPing, especially if you’re the first or second person on the waitlist). We’re also pretty selective about who we let put up games. We like to know you are dependable and are familiar with our culture before you start putting up games. That said, if someone wanted to put up some L&B games as sort-of ‘guest game runners’ that might be something we could do.”

    I will tack on to that: any changes to the categories on the forums will be organic and based on usage.

    I will also say: 70% of our games end up pulling people from the waitlist. So if you want to play with us you should most definitely join the waitlists!

  6. I’ve been a full member of The Gauntlet community for just over a year and I can whole-heartedly vouch for its awesomeness! There has been quite a lot of play of Freebooters on the Gauntlet Hangouts calendar, even an ongoing game of FotF 2e in a shared & collaborative, persistant West Marches-style setting called The Gaunt Marches.

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