33 thoughts on “What places for discussion are people gravitating to post-G+?”

  1. Ben M It means “I don’t have anything to say, but want to be notified of future comments, but G+ doesn’t provide any quiet subscribe to thread feature”.

  2. I’ll probably switch to the DW server on Discord then (no interest in a FB-like setup which it seems that MeWe is). Any tips when using Discord to get an experience most like what I have here? Do I have to pick one channel to view at once or can I see them all merged like in G+?

  3. For reference, Friendica is an open-source social network that can talk to both the Federation and the Fediverse, you can follow people who use things like Mastodon and Diaspora (and vice versa). It also lets you follow RSS feeds as if they were users. It supports groups (somewhat clunkily).


  4. I’ve yet to find a solid replacement. Mewe doesn’t seem to have enough people and I find the signal to noise ratio on Discord to be entirely too low. That being said, Mewe and Reddit are what I’ve been paying the most attention to lately.

  5. The (new) Burning Wheel forums are very nice. They are mobile aware and work quite well on tablets and phones.

    Some of the links from the old imported forums (if they pointed to old BW forum posts) don’t work, but that is not a problem with Dungeon World stuff.

    I have found a ton of useful information there for Torchbearer and Mouseguard and there are plenty of people that want to make it work.

    I turned on the notify to email settings in my profile and set watches through the forum software on threads I am interested in. If there is a response, I see it in my email. It works pretty well.

  6. Jim Jones I still can’t post there, and there aren’t enough forum conversations for me to respond to naturally. If they change that it might help a bit.

  7. That sucks, Yochai Gal . You might try hitting up Sage or Luke Crane through the forum software to see why that it is.

    The Dungeon World side is a little light at the moment. I have mostly been hanging out in the Torchbearer area at the moment.

  8. Hi Yochai Gal – your account on the forums looks good from my end, mind shooting me an email (my name at gmail) and I can help you sort it out?

    We set up the DW forums sort of like Field of Dreams – we built it hoping y’all would come.

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