Issue 3 of my cyber-sci-fantasy tables zines.

Issue 3 of my cyber-sci-fantasy tables zines.

Issue 3 of my cyber-sci-fantasy tables zines. This one is city focused. I’m done with this series for now, but may stretch them out and compile them into more of a ‘setting’ book with monsters and custom moves and what not.

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  1. Sweet! All ordered. I really enjoyed your first 2. Thanks for the 3rd, understand that you may not pick this project up again but you’ve given us some fine material.

  2. Aron Clark Thanks so much. I definitely feel like it’s run its course, but I’ve been running adventures in this setting for The Gauntlet and may collect that stuff into a setting book over the summer.

  3. Mamading Ceesay Thanks, I keep thinking about buying a laser printer and doing small editions of zines. Then I don’t. I used to do it all them time when I was younger and made skate/graffiti zines, but I haven’t in a while.

  4. Stephen Karnes nice… I did a little tri-fold pamphlet zine recently, something I’m calling an adventure trailhead. Have still got a few copes left. If anyone wants one just shoot me your address.

    Maybe doing something small like this would be a good way back to print?

  5. Aron Clark Rad, I’ve done a few of the one-page zines, but never thought about doing a trifold pamphlet. I may have to do that…

    I’d love a copy of yours. Hit me up at ledenmere [at] gmail for my address. If I get back into printing stuff, I’ll send you whatever I do.

  6. Finished printing and stapling my custom A5 booklet of Parasitic Magician #1. It has the cover and 4 blank pages at the back for notes.

    I’ve rolled on all the tables with a view to generating content for Nathan Treme’s In The Light Of A Ghost Star game.

    Got some great material out of it that looks like a good fit!

  7. Mamading Ceesay that’s so rad! Thanks for letting me know. I haven’t had a chance to play In The Light of a Ghost Star yet, but it looks so good. Ray Otus ‘s Plundergrounds podcast is how I first heard of it and I’m dying to play. Maybe I’ll throw a couple sessions on the Gauntlet this spring.

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