Here is a thing I made.

Here is a thing I made.

Here is a thing I made. Free for others to use as well. This is a mostly empty map of goblyn and giblyn caves on the Mystery Island campaign for family.

The girl has suggested that Goblyn’s have large noses and large feet. And that Giblyn’s have large ears and large hands.

You can tell which parts used to be part of the Gromes outpost.

Don’t know if came through with the map as clear as I wanted but there are two and half levels. The Warrens are higher than the main hall. The main hall is slightly higher than the Grome Outpost. The mines are below both of them and have 3 entrances to other levels labelled A,B,C.

This was drawn using a Pilot Fountain Pen. I like how the pen gives different thickness of lines. However they are tricky for a lefty like me to use.

My Goblyn’s are the same as the ones in the book, however they have a few new moves. The explode when they die. They either release a smelly oily nauseous gas that sometimes when meeting a spark actually ignites.

I don’t know what they are mining yet, or what are in the rooms. I do know that 3 of the original Grome rooms are unspoiled.

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  1. I forgot to mention the pigbunnies which are the primary food for goblyns when they can’t get man flesh or elf flesh. They came to me as I love animals but hate bunnies in the garden. So this lets me vent my frustration with pigbunny bacon.

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