End of Session questions.

End of Session questions.

End of Session questions.

What have you changed or modified the questions to better reflect the mission of your game?

I am in family game and is less about killing things and taking stuff and more about doing missions to save the Duchess from the misogynistic machinations of the invincible overlord.

And the questions don’t all seem appropriate it. I knew there used to be some posts about this, but can’t locate now.



3 thoughts on “End of Session questions.”

  1. Did we overcome a notable challange?

    Did we gain something of significant value?

    I think you can reword it however you want to fit the world you are in and how you are playing. With the main points being

    1) it should still be a challange to achieve the xp and not watered


    2) it should not be worded in a way that is loose and leads to arguing over whether it was achieved or not.

  2. Here’s my End of Session move for Stonetop, where the PCs are local heroes of a small isolated town rather than roving adventurers:


    When you reach the end of a session, give an example of how you fulfilled the requirement of your drive. If everyone agrees, mark XP.

    Next, describe how your opinion of or relationship with another character (PC or NPC) has changed this session. If everyone agrees, mark XP.

    Finally, answer these questions as a group:

    * Did we learn something about the wider world or its history?

    * Did we overcome a threat to Stonetop or the greater region?

    * Did we improve our standing or influence with our neighbors?

    * Did we make some lasting improvement to Stonetop, or tangible progress towards doing so?

    For each “yes,” everyone marks XP.

    (note: we don’t use Bonds)

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