12 thoughts on “Does anyone have any experience using a play-by-post format for DW?”

  1. Tips:

    =Keep character sheets in a wiki or Google doc where everyone can access them and each player can edit/update.

    =Use hyperlinks back to previous posts when you reference something that’s already entered the fiction (eg they encounter an NPC for the second time you can link back to where they were first described).

    =Establish expectations about post rate, notifying others when you go on a trip, etc

    =Encourage players to keep a loose hand on the reins of their character, everyone benefits from a quick paced narrative and can always speak up if they had different plans (eg it’s better to say “I lead the others into the next room” than ask and wait for each other’s permission). Likewise, encourage players to build on previous posts rather than try to go back and be doing something else before or simultaneously with prior posts (eg avoid “… but before she does that, I…” and “…while they do that, I do this other thing…”)

    =As GM, it’s good to periodically write a post that summarises what’s going on so that everyone is on the same page and clarify order of events.

    =It’s okay to split the party into different threads, especially when they have different post rates (eg two people have a 20-post dialogue while three others cat a ritual or one group has a combat while another group negotiates)

    =Remember that you can embed pictures/maps and video/audio to help establish mood or set scenes. You can totally link a song for players to listen to before replying.

    =Trust players to roll their own dice and post the results if a dice roller isn’t native to your forum/medium. Every outcome is interesting, so it wouldn’t matter if they did cheat.

  2. Jeff Strong I’ve found it to be pretty good. It’s not fancy, but it allows you to play as slow or as fast as you want.

    I create different threads I. The community (in character/out of character/character sheets). I post the current scenario and players comment their words, actions, and dice rolls below.

  3. I’ve never played PbP before Rolegate, but am loving it now. You can see a game I’ve been running since August 3rd: https://www.rolegate.com/ref/pasanov/dungeon-world-defend-the-bridge

    The second one I’ve been running since before that (July 10th): https://www.rolegate.com/ref/pasanov/road-to-feyparey

    And another one, this one a Funnel World we moved on from into the Feyparey adventure: https://www.rolegate.com/ref/pasanov/where-the-horses-at-a-funnel-world-adventure

    I particularly like the Index option (top right corner three dots, then Index) that allows the GM to sort the adventure into acts, chapters, and scenes (before or after the fact) for easier navigation. Hopefully the option to export games offline will be coming soon, then the index will definitely come in useful.

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