So someone I play with wants to play a Druid.

So someone I play with wants to play a Druid.

So someone I play with wants to play a Druid. I haven’t had one of those before. The moves are really open ended. Can someone point me to some resources for the following two moves:


Studied Essence

For studies essence I don’t understand if they have to meet an animal spirit in the game (in which case I better have some of those) or just meet the animal? Or if they just say “hey man I want to study the grizzly bear spirit” there are no bears around but this is the woods, so that’s cool right?

How do you adjutacate this move. Plus some examples or resources in shapeshifter would be handy.


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  1. You can just let them say hey I want to study bear spirits now that I am in an area with them. If you want. I think its a great opportunity to ask questions about how the druid does that to get some neat world details generated.

  2. I’ve been playing with a very enthusiastic Druid on Role Gate, and I was happy to create a bunch of shapeshifting moves I’ll be releasing when we leave the Great Forest area (her home territory) for everyone’s feedback. It’s a bit more specific than the examples I usually saw, but the player really loves them. If your druid is playing in a forested area, I’ll be happy to send them to you early.

    As for studied essence, my Druid described the way she did (an elaborate cutting of the monster’s heart into small pieces, burning them briefly on the fire, and chewing and spitting them out while meditating), but that wouldn’t be applicable to other creatures/spirits that she doesn’t have to kill first.

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