9 thoughts on “so i have 2 ideas for D&D characters and i want to know what one would yall try to make out of the 2 of my ideas”

  1. HommeBoy McJewerson If you are new to D&D I would start with the Dwarf Paladin as it is a classic hero in the traditional sense. It will be easy for the DM to work into adventure and plot hooks, and most published material will assume you are some kind of heroic individual.

  2. Chris Stone-Bush I saw this and was going to ask the same.

    HommeBoy McJewerson are you using D&D as a catch-all for roleplaying games? This community is for a specific rpg called Dungeon World, which plays very differently than D&D does.

  3. Brian Holland ya kinda i was actuay not sure what this group was cus all i did was serch D&D groups and this was one that poped up and thought this could be a club to help teach me more of D&D but iv herd of both the games D&D and dungeon world but iv never lerned anything about dungeon world but if this is just dongeon world then i will take my leave but dose anyone know a good D&D group

  4. No worries HommeBoy McJewerson! I certainly didn’t mean to be like “Hey, get out of here man!”, I just wanted to let you know that this was a specific (non-D&D) community 🙂

    Here’s a link to a broad Tabletop RPG community. I’ve asked some very specific D&D questions there and gotten great answers:

    G+ Tabletop Roleplaying Games

  5. I would suggest looking into Dungeon World some more its a pretty RAD game with a lot less rules than D&D. Also Dwarf Paladin for sure. If you decide to play Dungeon World just cross off Human and write in Dwarf on the Paladin character sheet.

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