Outstanding Warrants Clarification

Outstanding Warrants Clarification

Outstanding Warrants Clarification

Outstanding Warrants

When you return to a civilized place in which you’ve caused trouble before, roll+Cha. On a hit, word has spread of your deeds and everyone recognizes you. On a 7–9, that, and, the GM chooses a complication:

-The local constabulary has a warrant out for your arrest

-Someone has put a price on your head

-Someone important to you has been put in a bad spot as a result of your actions

It’s the “on a hit” wording that’s confusing. I ASSUME it means a failure but most every move lists the success results and leaves the failure up to the GM and their hard moves. The player that pointed this out also noted that the “deeds” cold mean the heard of the party’s heroic deeds out adventuring and treats them like heroes.

It’s not a move I’ve used often, does anyone else have more experience with this or a custom move like “Sneak Back In Town” or the like?

5 thoughts on “Outstanding Warrants Clarification”

  1. A “hit” is 7+, so this is worded strangely because of the “on a 7-9, that, plus…”

    I looked it up in my book and see that the wording has changed is different:

    On a 10+, word spreads of your deeds…

    On a 7-9, as above, and the GM chooses a complication…

  2. I read it as “On a 10+, everyone’s been talking about you and how badass you are. On a 7-9, that, plus one of these three things…”

    That said: I’ve never used that move. Not once in like 5 years. If my players cause trouble in a steading and then come back to it, I feel perfectly comfortable handling with the other tools at my disposal: GM moves, fronts/dangers, stakes questions, etc.

  3. My reading (and this isn’t a super common way of writing it in Dungeon World, but is more common in other PbtA games) is that “on a hit” = on every result above 7.

    So, on any result that is not a miss, word has spread and people notice and are impressed; on a 10+ you have just that, but on a 7-9 you also have a complication.

    This isn’t really a move ablut laying low and sneaking in – the stakes are whether you are cool and badass (rolled on cha) enough to have a hero’s reputation, with a potential side serving of people out to get you.

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