I noticed a lot of different ways to add modifiers in the Playbooks and basic moves.

Would it be total heresy if:

A) the DM can say that a roll can be made at Disadvantage or Advantage based on fictional positioning

B) a lot of the +1forward bonuses (for playbook moves and Discern Realities) were to make a roll Easier (so raising it from Disadvantage to normal, or normal to Advantage)

Basically dropping the many different modifiers for one straightforward one?

I’ve not looked deeply into the maths on this…

9 thoughts on “Dis/Advantage”

  1. We’re planning on using Advantage and Disadvantage in v0.3! The benefits being that it doesn’t stack, it’s a significant bonus, and it demands that many existing +1/-1 Forward/Ongoing moves get tweaked to be less bland.

    I’m not sure if fictional modifiers are in the cards, though. I’m not saying that you can’t use them in your games if you want to, but I’ve never had much luck with them myself.

  2. I almost always find that when I want to give narrative +1 I would rather just let the move go through successfully and when I want a -1 I’d rather throw in a Defy Danger to set it up.

  3. Oh yeah, I definitely am not suggesting getting rid of advantage/disadvantage/+1/-1 entirely! That’s just the flow of thoughts I personally tend to go through when I personally am looking at the narration giving an opportunity.

  4. I find rolling with advantage/disadvantage is just plain more fun than +1/-1. It is a much stronger effect though, so keep that in mind.

    Are there any advanced moves that replace a +1 with a +2? If so, how would those be handled?

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