Here’s the (long) chapter for how to run expeditions in Stonetop. This is basically the “overland adventures” part of the book.

In it, you’ll find:

* The PC’s preparation moves (Chart a Course, Outfit, and others)

* The GM’s exploration moves (which replace the GM’s dungeon moves from DW)

* The Struggle as One move (aka “defy danger as a group”)

* A revised Make Camp

* A forage move

* Lots and lots of examples

* A little bit of young-adult drama

Questions and feedback are, as always, greatly appreciated.


14 thoughts on “EXPEDITIONS CHAPTER”

  1. Just starting to take a read now!

    This is so cool, I’m really glad you’re working on this project, it addresses so many of the pieces I want more of in DW.

  2. Starting reading. Really nice. I’ll give feedbacks as I read through it.

    Do you think that the options given for Chart a Course should be part of the move itself instead of being after the “explanation/more info” part? A bit like the Stonetop’s Make a Plan move.

  3. So, I think this has way too much stuff for my liking, but some of them are spot on. The thing I especially adore are exploration DM moves.

    I think there’s some stuff that can be trimmed down (I know, it’s the toughest part of writing, I worked few years as an editor), for example:

    Make a GM move (often an exploration move, described below), following your principles. Maybe you’ll hint at more than meets the eye. Maybe you’ll present a discoveryor introduce a danger, person, or faction. Maybe you’ll provide a choice of paths, or bar the way and make them backtrack. Or you’ll make any other GM movethat makes sense.

    (in bold, I’m not sure it serves any purpose; you have the list down bellow and I think it’s enough).

  4. Jeremy Strandberg I run a local D&D game who are looking to move to something more story based. I’d be excited to playtest this if it’s suitable for new-ish players unfamiliar with PBtA?

  5. Leckie S I think it’s just fine for players new to PBtA. I’d hesitate to recommend it to a GM that was a PBtA newbie, cuz I haven’t finished the GM support. But it doesn’t require nearly as much from the players.

    Ask your group if they’d be down for at least 3 sessions. If they’re in, let me know and I’ll hook you up with the stuff.

  6. Jeremy Strandberg Great. I am greenish with PBtA but I was planning a switch to Dungeon World anyway so if the GM support is similar to that I get the gist. Gotta learn sometime!

  7. Jeremy Strandberg got buy in from my 4 person group for at least 3 sessions over the next couple of months (we’re pretty regular). First one is on the 15th. Happy to write up each session, I also have a setup to record sessions if that would be useful.

  8. Jeremy Strandberg Would you consider an exploration move something akin to Jason Cordova’s questions when he uses Undertake a Perilous Journey? Stuff like “Someone on the road does something that annoys the hell out of you, what is it?” or “Tell us which landmark you are using to keep your bearing”.

    How would you call such a move?

    Present character interraction?

    Seems a bit vague and uninspired.

  9. Ask a provocative question is one of the core GM moves for Stonetop. That’s how I’d categorize it.

    There’s an example of doing just that in the Box Text just before “Weather.”

  10. Love this, and am very excited for Stonetop! When reading through it, I realize I do not ask nearly enough questions of the players during gameplay.

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