All you need to run this adventure in Dungeon World!

All you need to run this adventure in Dungeon World!

All you need to run this adventure in Dungeon World!


(Solitary, Devious, Intelligent)

Dagger (d4 damage) 10 HP, 0 Armor


Special Qualities: Shape shifting

Their natural form, if you ever see it, is hideous. Like a creature who stopped growing part-way, before it decided it was elf or man or dwarf. These Doppelgangers wander the world as inhabitants of a carnival or circus, preying on the weak and gullible whenever they go; often in the employ of a stronger monster. They like to keep intelligent mimics as pets and servants.

Instinct: To infiltrate

• Assume distorted forms from a mirror maze

• Use another’s identity to advantage

• Consume the weak


(Solitary, Stealthy)

Bite (d10 damage) 16 HP, 0 armor


Special Qualities: Incorporeal

A powerful psychic monster lurks among circus performers. In its natural form, it appears as a dense cloud of darkness with glints of tiny metal spikes and the sound of something smacking its teeth. With a manipulative and deceptive nature and resistance to mind-affecting magics, it is a challenging foe and can only be found in a corrupted Circus. It makes its lair in the Circus’ mirror maze and drives a town mad by preventing anyone from sleeping. Its sole drive is to sow confusion and to heighten the circus visitor’s fear, paranoia, and madness so it may safely consume a community’s restful sleep until everyone is dead. It has three powers: • Mimic: Appear as anyone who has gone through the Mirror Maze • Amplify: Amplify another’s emotional state so others can feel it. • Hallucinate: Cause someone’s hallucinations to manifest as illusions experienced by everyone. It may only be damaged by magic and magic weapons.

Instinct: Creates Madness

• Consumes Sleep

• Casts Illusions and Emotions

• Based on a monster in an Adventure Location by Stephanie Bryant “CAN’T SLEEP—CLOWNS WILL EAT ME”


(Solitary, Stealthy, Amorphous)

Bite (d10 damage) 12 HP 1 armor


Special Qualities: Shape shifter, Take an enticing form

Mimics are natural predators, born by magical means that will eat just about anything that touches them. As shapeshifters, capable of perfectly replicating the appearance of wood, stone, and metal; Mimics commonly take on the form of stairs, door frames, chest, and many other shapes. These mutant mimics though are not only capable of greater intelligence, but even of tactics and speech. Intelligent mimics care only to feed themselves, but what the food is doesn’t matter to them, and smaller specimens will gladly let an adventurer go by unscratched in exchange for a bag of food. Such bribes can also be used to gain information or even guidance though a dungeon. (Based on a Dungeon World Tavern monster posted by Patrick Schenk).

Instinct: Satisfy Hunger

• Bargain information for food

• Take an enticing form

• Ensnare with tongue

Dream Eater’s Crown (Weight: 1)

The wearer can project powerful illusions for a short period of time, but doing so takes a mental toll. Every time the Crown is used the wearer must Roll+INT. On a 10+ the Illusion succeeds, on a 7-9 the illusion succeeds but the wearer must make camp before the item can be use again, on a fail the illusion is obviously an illusion and will only fool the foolish and gullible (Think of it as very bad CGI).

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  1. Ron Shier This is a conversion of Stephanie Bryant’s amazing work. Otherwise, I’ve just written a lot and hopefully improved over time. It helps to be part of such a vibrant and kind community!:)

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