I have a player who plays The Priest in my group.

I have a player who plays The Priest in my group.

I have a player who plays The Priest in my group.


His chosen religion is a god of Life and Death.

Since this class is so much open-ended, I imposed on him to justify narratively how the domain of his god manifests through his invocations.

Now I’m starting to regret as I feel he’s much more limited than the intended class seems to imply in his usage of invocations.

For example, how do you justify effects like “protection against fire” when you God’s domain technically only manipules Life and Death?

I would prefer to keep the restriction as this is a fact in the setting : gods can only ever influence elements of their domain, but I don’t want to restrict him too much in his intention of manifesting divine powers.

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  1. Maybe he doesn’t die from it but still experiences the other effects. He may have a debility instead of taking damage, ie he has charred skin or no hair left. He may be left as a charred husk but his God will not let him pass beyond the veil despite his pain

  2. Protection against Fire may be an effect of drawing the chill of the Shadow World from beyond, manifesting as a frosty mist cloaking him and shielding him from the fire.

  3. Or invoking life to heal from the damage as it occurs, or be reborn phoenix-like (doesn’t mean it will be painless- but awesome has its price) And there are always those “Oh no, not again” moments

  4. If it was my game I would let him manipulate the fire, that is bleak-flame which is the fire from hell taken by the Knight of Death (called Darknell) in the Genesis of the game world. That is why his Life/Death domain holds fire manipulation spells in his repertoire.

  5. Oh and protection from fire comes from the immunity that the God grants thanks to the control he has over bleak-flame. Then of course one front could be to steal bleak-flame again from hell to empower the apocalipse machine that will bring the ultimate death/life experience to the world. Ok you got the idea… 😂

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