I’ve been tweaking “Lead the Retreat” for some time.

I’ve been tweaking “Lead the Retreat” for some time.

I’ve been tweaking “Lead the Retreat” for some time. With help from Jeremy Strandberg and Daniel Fowler I think I’ve got something that really works for our game of “Advanced FotF” aka “d12 World”. I present, “Run Away!”

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  1. Small thought: Should the list have numbers, or can that confuse people thinking they must choose an outcome of a specific number, rather than a number of outcomes?

  2. Matt Horam…. The numbers are there for random determination if needed. Players wouldn’t roll randomly since it doesn’t say “GM Chooses” but there are rare instances where having numbers in similar moves has proven useful so I put them everywhere in my moves.

  3. Paolo Greco In standard PbtA terms, the results would be:

    (!) 12+

    (+) 10-11

    (=) 7-9

    (-) 3-6

    (x) 2-

    We play using 2d12:

    (!) 24+

    (+) 20-23

    (=) 13-19

    (-) 3-12

    (x) 2-

  4. I think I might be missing something. Why is “You get away” one of the choose options, when regardless of what you roll you would likely choose it? I.e. is there a case where you would not choose “you get away”? If not why not just write this as “when you run for your life you’ll get away, but roll…” and then reduce the number of choices in each option by one.

  5. You could also replace You Get Away with You Don’t Get Away, as that makes it a choice with the others, as opposed to the first one you pick always. If you roll a (X), do you decide to get away but have more bad things happen to you, or avoid one bad thing but not get away?

    Also, instead of the wrong direction, you could write it as “Your escape leads you to a dangerous place”

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