This is my first campaign front, do you think it’s right? Am I missing something?

This is my first campaign front, do you think it’s right? Am I missing something?

This is my first campaign front, do you think it’s right? Am I missing something?



Impulse: to absorb those in power, to grow_


⦁ Two factions fight for drugs control.

⦁ One faction dominates the other and controls drug production and business.

⦁ There is a new, dangerous drug, crysoul.

⦁ Secret war, the cartel tries to steal the secrets of the crysoul from the Inquisition.

Impending Doom: Pestilence: New diseases appear and spread.

UN/HOLY WAR (misguided good)

Impulse: To do what is “right”


⦁ Interrogations and trials of heretics, pagans and sorcerers.

⦁ Prosecution and jail for those who made pacts with Satan.

⦁ Torture, witch burning.

⦁ Crysoul control and moral corruption.

⦁ The Inquiitor becomes Pope and good becomes evil.

Impending Doom: Tyranny of the strong over the weak, of the holier-than-thou over the pagans and suspects.

ROGUE CRYSOULS (force of chaos)

Impulse: To destroy all semblance of order.


⦁ Peasants are possessed by crysouls.

⦁ Crysouls attack the bootlegers that control drugs.

⦁ Crysouls corrupt the Inquisition and favor the Iquisitor to make him Pope.

⦁ A portal to another plane opens and crysouls invade Earth.

Impending Doom: Rampant chaos: Laws of reality, society any order, are dissolved.


Drug dealers and the Church both want to control this new drug, which actually are the souls of those accused of witchcraft and the like, and the executed by the Inquisition, turned into crystals that power up magic abilities and improve the mind of consumers. Some crysouls are sentient and can possess the consumer, which they do to be alive again, but being creatures of chaos, their existence puts reality itself in danger.

Oh, yeah, my campaign is more or less real world, there aren’t elves or halflings.

3 thoughts on “This is my first campaign front, do you think it’s right? Am I missing something?”

  1. Concerning War of Bootleggers:

    Since the Impulse is “To absorb in power, to grow”, I would design the first Grim Portent to illustrate that (e.g. drugs sold by the two factions become widely used by prominent locals).

  2. First, put the DESCRIPTION paragraph on top of text, so everyone can immediately see how awesome this is.

    Second, every front, (if not every danger) has a cast. Write that down too. It’s not really optional, and it’s a ton helpful.

    Third, It respects the blanks principle and it’s evocative; still you know you couldn’t sell it on DRIVETHRU (yet)…

    Do you think YOU can USE this doc for a campaign? It’s going to be YOUR support. It’s important.

    The portents are good as they are (and you can change them during play).

    It’s tightly focused, and may become very investigative. Maybe you’ll want one or two custom moves for discovering things.

    And a custom move for crysouls interacting with mortals.

    And a crysoul junkie move.

  3. Diego Minuti Thank you.

    I actually have cast and custom moves related to drug use (effects and healing), but I thought it might not be of interest here. Investigation moves? That seems good, I will make a few, thanks.

    It makes sense to have the description above, and that was how I wrote the document that I will use, but here I followed the structure presented in the book.

    As it is written now, I will be helpful to move my campaign; it’s a very good tool, it’s the best method to organise campaigns I have read and I will adopt it for every game; I will try it on Call of Cthulhu.

    Michael Mendoza I didn’t replay before because I have been thinking on how to present that Grim Portent, and what Diego said makes it clear: Yeah, some important people will be taking drugs, one of these, someone of importance for the PCs, might get possessed by a crysoul and go on a chaos spree; so the PCs have to investigate what happened here. It all can start here.

    Thank you guys!

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