8 thoughts on “New Location/Steading Rules for Worlds of Adventure. Feedback appreciated!”

  1. This is simple and clean. I can see a disadvantage compared to the original one. PbtA systems usually give ready to use “self contained” rules. Ie. With the steading rules, i can build easily steadings, pretty complete, with my brain “off”. I’m guided thru dimension, population, level of wealth, a couple of pre-made problems or resources etc.

    Here, I need to come with my tags, my impressions etc.

  2. Andrea Parducci thanks for the comments!

    While I agree that the current steading rules are somewhat self-contained and do not require you to think of impressions, impulses etc, what I’ve found both personally and in talking to a lot of other GMs is that no one uses them. The amount of tags you need to remember in order to build a steading using the current system is way too many; and they aren’t particularly interesting either; that is they aren’t actionable. They’re just tags that only the GM sees, and (for me) quickly forgets about.

    Additionally, this new system allows you to create any kind of Location, not just steadings. I’ve linked to the original steading rules for comparison.

    My hope was that you could build Locations as easily as you can Monsters – obviously, that’s what I copied from! So if the players head into a new Location (a small village) all they need to think up on the fly is a single Impulse, a few Moves, and an NPC for the Cast. The rest can come later. Impressions are more straightforward I think, as you already create them for anyplace the PCs go!

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  3. That might be just me but I find that it’s kinda boring to read. It’s big chuncks of text with big paragraphs of mostly technical/mechanical stuff.

    I have the feeling that it could be very fun and engaging if done right, though. Unfortunately, I don’t have a real idea of HOW to actually do that. Think of “gamefying” the system, presenting tables maybe or under the form of a character sheet that you fill out like you would do a character. Something along those lines maybe?

    Anyway, just my humble 2-cents!

  4. I guess it’s a bit boring, yes. I like the section Steading Tags and Making a Village though, because it’s essentially a list of options that I can pick through. That’s why I think maybe having Steadings/Locations in the form of a “character sheet” with options that I pick as when I’m building a character could be more fun.

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