Hey, I’m running Dark Heart of the Dreamer tomorrow.

Hey, I’m running Dark Heart of the Dreamer tomorrow.

Hey, I’m running Dark Heart of the Dreamer tomorrow. Well, kind of. I’m running a World of Dungeons game for a new group that will initially be set in just one world with suspicions of unknown gods and powers beginning to leak in. One of my Fronts, however, is the arrival of the Hungry City and I expect the world to be devoured some time between sessions three and five, dropping the characters and their ongoing concerns into a newly colonized suburb of Dis.

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  1. That is similar to how and when I introduced it in my Dungeon World game, and it went over great. We ended with one PC locking himself on the Dis side of a doorway with a magical key, saving the rest of the PCs (and their planet) to live out their lives on the other side. I hope you’ll tell us how it goes in your game!

  2. J. Walton WoDu/Planarch is still my go-to game for dungeon fun. You may recall that I struggled to grok WoDu when I first started, but at some point it clicked and I really like the combination of freeform abilities, three-way resolution and minimalistic system that it offers.

    I strongly considered running BitD, either vanilla or set in Dis, and decided that for now I was more comfortable sticking with WoDu. I may well bring in some hacks as we go, if play continues.

  3. I just finished a little 40-page book for PBTA superheroes, Parallel Worlds, that tries to do for Worlds in Peril what WoDu does for DW, so I’ve been thinking about WoDu a bunch lately. Planarch has been also been calling my name again, after so many delays from grad school, parenthood, and illness.

  4. J. Walton Yay for grad school and parenthood, boo for illness. My WoDu/Planarch game (with some moderate drift – TSoY keys, d8 Hit Dice and variable damage dice) has trucked along through five sessions now and is going strong. I think PBTA may have inadvertently ruined me for other systems though.

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