New actual play podcast to share!

New actual play podcast to share!

New actual play podcast to share! I organize a tabletop group called the Chimaera. We run different story games, mostly PbtA, but decided to start a podcast recording some of our Dungeon World sessions (our favorite).

We do things a little differently. Rather than a single long campaign, we will be telling short stories over a series of chapters. When that arc ends, we’ll start a new one with new characters, but within the same late bronze/iron age inspired world rather than the normal medieval setting. This is similar to how we run games off air – short stories told over a few sessions. If characters survive, they may make a return in another story down the road. We’ll slowly build on the lore of the world together by running games in different parts of it. This world is also the setting of our games that aren’t recorded, but we try to be sure to explain anything established off air.

We just released the final chapter of our current arc, and I’m very proud of how it turned out. We’ll continue with a new story starting next week, with new episodes out every Wednesday. We’re learning as we go across every stage of this process, so we wanted to make sure we could stick to this release schedule before we started advertising it. But now we feel ready to share what we’ve been doing with you all. I hope you’ll give it a chance and we’d love any feedback from to help improve the show!

Thanks! This is a direct link to our episodes, but we’re also searchable through iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever podcatcher you prefer.

7 thoughts on “New actual play podcast to share!”

  1. I’m enjoying it so far! I just started chapter VII. One issue: a lot of the episodes don’t show any title in my podcast app. (Doggcatcher) annoying!

    What I like is that you all seem to take it quite seriously, even though there is also a lot of humour. And it’s good to hear a DW AP where all the players seem to have a real grasp of the rules from the start.

  2. Asbjørn H Flø Glad to hear it! Hope you continue to do so. The episodes are just titled with the chapter number (which may change with the next series), so if you’re seeing those you’re good. If not, let me know and I’ll try to figure out what’s going on.

    Glad the balance between serious fiction with casual tabletalk works for you. I hadn’t thought about all of us having run Dungeon World for others being an advantage. Serious actual plays with veteran players do seem to be lacking out there. Thanks so much for listening!

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