So, random question.

So, random question.

So, random question. Has anyone ever dealt with a wizard polymorphing themself? The spell states that it lasts until they cast another spell and if the GM doesn’t choose the “unstable” option, they are possibly stuck in whatever form they took. I dunno, sounded like an interesting story arch to return the wizard to normal.

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  1. I guess the wizard could Prepare Spells for an hour and they would lose all their spells and change back. But it does sound fun for the group to have to find another wizard to unpolymorph him or her.

  2. From that last reply, I think you’re kind of hoping for a reliable solution rather than just playing to find out. If the rules don’t cover certain aspects, see how your characters deal with that. If they solve it without issues, don’t do anything. If it starts to happen often, a move would be handy. if it becomes troublesome often, or it caused enough trouble the first time it happened, come up with a solution. But don’t get wound up on the spot, find the solution narratively, and then on downtime, or a calm moment, think of a move or something like that.

  3. Camilo Suñer I was more just curious to hear people’s thoughts than anything. I’ve never encountered it before but I thought of it when I read the spell. I’d more than likely end up basing it off how well their cast a spell was rolled myself. 6- and they are gonna need to figure out how to get the wizard back to normal lol

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