*Blood Drop Gems*

*Blood Drop Gems*

*Blood Drop Gems*

These scarlet gems are shaped as water drops and infused with the concentrated blood of many beings.

Each gem contains d6 HPs and vary in size from a dime to a grapefruit depending on how many HP they contain.

*When you are reduced to 0 HPs* any Blood Drop Gems on your person will crumble to powder and grant you that many HP.

*When your life is preserved by a Blood Drop Gem* you must permanently change something about your character to reflect the creature who’s blood has become part of you. It might be a bond, flag, a look, or some other quirk.

4 thoughts on “*Blood Drop Gems*”

  1. This is really awesome for my campaign because I had the players start off inside a dragon that was large enough to swallow villages whole (in just such a village I called Gullet). The dragon had most of its biological systems composed of either gemstones or mineral deposits.

  2. When you use a blood drop gem to cure yourself, while still standing on your feet, gain that many HPs, and randomly change your alignment, or a bond, or your goal, until the end of your next session.

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