Thirst Poppet

Thirst Poppet

Thirst Poppet

A little rag doll that contains a piece of a sea sponge.

You may attune to a Thirst Poppet by giving it a few drops of your blood.

When you are attuned to a Thirst Poppet

– Whatever you drink will be absorbed by the poppet. You are safe from poisons and diseases in your drink and you will be unable get drunk by drinking alcohol.

– Whatever the Thirst Poppet absorbs will affect you. If you keep it in water you’ll never need to drink water. If it dries out you will start to die of dehydration. If it absorbs poison you will be poisoned. If you keep it in a beer barrel you will remain drunk until you die of alcohol poisoning.

If the poppet is destroyed you lose half your current HP. Round up.

2 thoughts on “Thirst Poppet”

  1. I like it!

    One point of clarification though –

    “Whatever you drink will be absorbed by the poppet.” followed by:

    “Whatever the Thirst Poppet absorbs will affect you.”

    Your intent is clear, but the language specifically states that if i drink poison, the poppet will absorb it, and if the poppet absorbs poison, the poison will affect me.

    Perhaps change the first bit:

    “Whatever you drink will be safely filtered by the poppet.”

    This way there is no ambiguity over what is or isn’t absorbed/dangerous.

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