Hello all!

Hello all!

Hello all! I just found out about this project — what a great idea! Love it! I’ve been playing DW since first edition, and have done a couple of little projects for the community so I’m super stoked to come across this.

A couple of thoughts — while I agree with the principle of simplifying both Load and HP with straight static numbers, I’d like to suggest it’s valuable to differentiate a specific character based on their stats. Have there been any discussions about adding the STR modifier to Load and CON modifier to HP? It seems a fair way to reward these generally lesser used stats (and prevents the dump stat problem to some degree). I don’t want to open up an old discussion if it’s already been set in stone, but I thought I’d offer it up.

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  1. Glad to have you! We do most of our talking in the DW Discord server, and in fact we just discussed that very issue!

    We’re looking into a load system based on STR and tags “heavy” items.

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