Hireling Priest – First Aid

Hireling Priest – First Aid

Hireling Priest – First Aid

Hi, Quick Question because i may need this in the next session.

The Priest hireling has the First Aid Skill.

Heal Skill x 2 HP and take -1 forward.

There is no Slow tag attached. So he can use it in combat?

Seems like a strong skill.

I don’t want to discuss if Hirelings are a good thing or not.

This topic was discussed earlier, but with no answer.


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  1. right, but:

    The Fighter is holding narrow entrance against the possessed Dwarfs. He is bleeding from many wounds. Behind him there is a

    a) Cleric, lay his hands on his shoulder and with a soft green glow his wounds start to heal.

    b) a Priest sewing his flesh wounds and remove or break arrows, do whatever is necessary to keep the fighting machine running.

    a works for me, b is not.

    How to narrate the first aid that it is working in fiction.

  2. I mean, it sounds like you just narrated it fine. “The Priest pulls out the arrow and pours whiskey on the wound.” HP isn’t necessarily an absolute measure of health, but about staying power. You can still have a gushing wound while remaining standing and fighting. We see it in movies all the time.

    If you’re looking for some sort of realism in game abilities that explain this, you won’t find it in DW. Remember that a person playing a lute can also heal hp.

  3. realism is a bad word. But something that feels right would be fine.

    so you would not have a Problem with a Priest healing.. no.. “First aiding” someone in the midst of battle?

    Ok, i take that into account and just let it flow. Let’s see what happens. Until now my players don’t really get the hang of narrating the Hirelings actions. They are (like me) still to much of a classic RPGamer.

    Regarding the one playing the Lute:

    reddit.com – When a party member is close to death but the bard knows healing magic • r/dndmemes

  4. while the target of the treatment still fight demons 🙂

    ok. Noted that.

    and to be accurate. Until now we don’t meet a Unicorn and the Dragon we have breathes lightning.

  5. Ok wait, so your issue is applying first aid during active fighting? Well then that’s down to fictional positioning. You gotta stop what you’re doing to get some first aid.

    But as I said originally: combat is not a unique mode of play. You can take a step out of direct combat actions and it doesn’t ruin anything.

    Let’s do this by example:

    GM: Thrognor, what are you doing?

    Thrognor: I’m smashing the tiny goblins with my club.

    GM: There’s six of them with bows, you’re gonna take some harm before you get there. You ok with that?

    Thrognor: Thrognor knows no fear.

    GM: Cool, take d6+5 damage. Oof, 11.

    Thrognor: THROGNOR KNOWS FEAR! I quickly retreat back behind the mining cart with the rest of the party.

    GM: ok, but they’re advancing on you now. They know you’re hurt. What do you do?

    Thrognor: Karl our Priest is gonna take these arrows out or I will smash his puny head.

    GM: Heh, ok he can heal 4hp, better than nothing, but the whiskey he poured on the wounds stings and you’ll be at a -1 forward. Cool? Awesome. So by the time he’s done, you hear the crunch of a footstep right on the other side of the cart. They’re heeeere. What do you do?

  6. Thank you. That really helps me. They have a Level 5 and a level 3 Prist with them. So they can fix a lot of damage. And this evening they will need it (I assume).

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