So I made a previous post about wondrous items, and I saw several good items there, that are not really anime…

So I made a previous post about wondrous items, and I saw several good items there, that are not really anime…

So I made a previous post about wondrous items, and I saw several good items there, that are not really anime fitting or anime specific, so I went back to look at the post, and I apparently left out the word anime. Sorry about any inconvenience that may have caused.

So I reiterate anyone got any ideas for anime themed magic items? Again less along weapons and armor, and more along the wondrous items vein.

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  1. Okay, so, this is basically like asking for tv show inspired magic items. Anime is a medium with a bunch of different genres, and the ones most likely to be modeled with Dungeon World borrow pretty heavily from the same source material anyway.

    You’re going to need to be more specific with what you’re asking for. Maybe try naming a few anime that you’re looking to draw inspiration from.

  2. Heck, let’s swipe a couple wholesale:

    Garo: A sentient ring with a snarky attitude that can sense the presence of demons and provide a certain amount of insight/advice/intel regarding the supernatural. Beef up the divination abilities to offset the loss of the battle armor and sword in the anime… (from Garo: Vanishing Line)

    Wonderous slate: a small metallic slab that can store magical spells, find anyone or anything based on a description, generate maps automatically, and create an image anything that happens within 100 yards of it within line of sight. Also has the ability to allow the holder to contact their deity with 100% certainty once per month. (from: In Another World With My Smartphone)

  3. James Etheridge My preference would be visual novels, but the trouble is that I want to have people throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. For example, I think I noted somewhere that I grabbed the Monkey Paw (even though it’s not actually Japanese). Someone posted a list of a bunch of mythological artifacts. I grabbed anything Japanese and Chinese that gave some indication of what the item actually did. I think the Monkey Paw was also on that list. And I didn’t grab them because they were in any anime, I grabbed them because they felt like they could be.

  4. Ditto what James Etheridge said, anime is an art style, not a genre. And the same goes for visual novels, that’s a style of gameplay like “platformer” or “RPG,” not a setting genre. VNs can run the gamut from mundane romantic comedy to high-fantasy existential horror and everywhere in between.

    But here’s one if you want mecha in your fantasy setting:

    *Titanic Armor:

    A suit of armor, humanoid-shaped but as tall as a tower. Most of the inside is filled with complicated magical apparatus (focusing crystals, pipes full of alchemical fluids, struts that form 3-dimensional runes) under thick layers of protective plating, but there’s a space in the chest for a person to sit. Once inside, the wearer can see through the armor’s “eyes” and control it as though it were their own body. Legend has it that these suits were created by an ancient civilization to fight a war against giants.

  5. Sebastian Baker I’m aware anime is not a genre, and what I intended to convey is that I wanted ideas from all genres of anime. I happen to have already developed a framework for Mecha, but you’ve got me some useful flavortext if I need it, so thanks 😀

  6. Which is to say that if you can think of a specific anime, manga, or VN in which a specific item appears, and you can identify its function to me, it’s fair game.

  7. Josh C Oh okay, that makes a lot more sense, thanks for clarifying.

    Akame Ga Kill is a fantasy anime where all the characters get their powers from wondrous artifacts, so it would make a great source to check out. The three most prominent are:

    A suit of armor that lets the wearer turn invisible (and somehow isn’t noisy enough to give their position away)

    A sword cursed so that even a scratch puts a corruption into the victim’s body that spreads until it consumes them completely

    A goblet of ice demon’s blood, very poisonous but if someone can survive drinking it they gain power over ice

  8. Well, pretty much the only reason I didn’t have the Imperial Regalia of Japan is because a wiki article didn’t give me any hint what they might do. I looked up that anime and the entry for Susanoo might help me get the regalia into my game. I’ll have to see if I can dig up some more items from there.

  9. The Susanoo from that anime should not be taken as an accurate representation of any other Susanoo, any more than the armor from Halo should be taken as an accurate representation of Mjolnir.

  10. Short answer: nobody (at my gaming table/s) cares about accuracy. Long answer: While I recognize that in the anime the things and their abilities are tied to people (and in the case of Susanoo, kami/gods, or at least characters inspired by them) I already know the (mythological) story of Kusanagi, so I’ll just be appropriating the abilities for the other items (a magatama and a mirror) as I did for how I wrote the Kusanagi. I’ll also be incorporating other items and abilities. I saw something about a neat microphone that’d be cool for the Idol Singer for example.

    I didn’t have time to pour over all the Teigu but I’ll be grabbing several I’m sure. And where I don’t I’ve already likely got something else in play.

  11. Also I’m thinking about changing the flavortext and reskinning the Vorpal Sword as the Muramasa katana from the legend where he and Masamune competed to see who had the better sword.

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