11 thoughts on “Mike wants to play Dungeon World.”

  1. Yeah, it’s a little strange to hear people ask questions like, “Is it possible for a GM to just walk up to a table and run a great game without any prep???”

  2. Um

    Mike’s asking about facilitating groups of novice gamers to nominate one of their number to step into a game facilitation role with no prior experience and no prep time except a few minutes to read a page of instructions

    It would be much much easier to do this for D&D than for Dungeon World

  3. Morgan Davie, sorry for being a little facetious. Mike is well aware of DW and what the Apocalypse Engine can do for a minimally prepped one shot, and I get where he is coming from wanting to engage with D&D centric folks.

    My point is that DW’s engine is built to do just that. Its built around the same core stats and ‘heroes on an adventure’ xp triggers. I think that its doable with D&D, but DW is designed to do this.

  4. All good – but I still think we must have different ideas of what Mike is asking here, because I really don’t think DW is helpful to him. The PAX crowd are massively people who have never gamed before, let alone facilitated a game, and I think all the amazing stuff DW does is hard to leverage for a group trying the play completely cold, while the tricky aspects (7-9 judgment calls for example) could become real roadblocks. The greater constraints in D&D actually make it easier for such a group – they can lean on the boardgame aspects. That’s where I’m coming from on what Mike is asking and I hope that explains why I posted as I did!

  5. Mark Tygart​ World of Dungeons may be simpler in that it has fewer rules, but it is not simpler in the sense that the rules resolves ambiguities as to what is going to happen around the table. In that sense it is far more complicated than Dungeon World. WoD requires far more cohesion in the shared expectations of the group than say, Dungeons and Dragons, and for a group that has little or no shared frames of reference for what it is they are meant to be doing, it is probably not ideal. However I have never played WoD cold with a group of people like this, so I may be wrong.

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