I have a Class Warfare question.

I have a Class Warfare question.

I have a Class Warfare question.

One of my players is a Sharpshooter/Bounty Hunter/Captain. We’ve only had one session so far and he asked to rejig his character stats, which I usually do.

He was hoping to take Arsenal instead of Captain, but to make it for crossbow ammunition instead of melee weapons. He likes his dwarf’s ability to fight at range, likes being a morally dubious bounty hunter but doesn’t feel he’ll get that much use out of his gang.

Has anyone adjusted the Arsenal to be ranged? Will it stack okay with the Sharpshooter?

I’ve yet to hack a Class Warfare Class, so I’m a little cautious about doing this.

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  1. I might treat each bolt he pulls like a throwing dagger, i.e. he has to retrieve it each time or it’s gone. But you can let him pull a bundle of “standard” bolts (3 ammo) instead of a unique one too to offset that a bit. He will have a bunch of normal shots, but when he specifically pulls a “2 piercing” bolt it’s unique, and he’ll either have to retrieve it or take -1 stock. Just thinking aloud.

  2. Hacking panic is over for now. The player figured he’d give his crew one more session to sort themselves out and he enjoyed using them this time. He’ll stick as a Captain, but these are useful things to know if he wants to Compendium into Arsenal or anything.

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