7 thoughts on “News or event generator?”

  1. Red Dice Diaries That is great for headlines and I will use it. I hope there is a smaller event generator out there for a little village. Perhaps it is a rumor generator.

  2. And here is a golden opportunity to turn to the players. With maybe a bit of leading guidance. They ask, “what news is there”…and you can pick a player and say; “You are talking to the hostler and she is speaks of something driving off cattle…. what would that something be?” and let the player fill it in.

    Or simply turn to a player who did NOT ask about a rumor, news and say, reference the player’s character who did and say; “PC X heard what at the bar last night?” And let them make something up.

    This way, the world creation is shared. The table still gets a veto… if the table doesn’t like “cattle were driven off by 100 dragons”… yeah, there is a veto coming.

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