Heya Tavernites, are you looking for a GM?

Heya Tavernites, are you looking for a GM?

Heya Tavernites, are you looking for a GM?

Just wanted to share a new resource with the people of my favorite game. I’ve disappeared for the last few months due to working on this new platform for GMs and players and am proud to say that it is live as of today.

http://www.LookingForGM.com is a platform that allows players to connect with and support Game Masters of online pen-and-paper RPGs. Our listings allow Game Masters to list the games that they host so that players can find the perfect game for their schedule and style. Click here to see a list of features and benefits.

Let me tell you why I think you may benefit from this platform:

– build your reputation as a sensational GM with ratings and testimonials from your players

– have a location for your game listings so you’re not always “looking for a group” within one small community and just watching the listing ending up in the LFG graveyard

– establish yourself as a reputable GM and advance yourself as a professional when we implement payments through the website

– help create a central location for game listings along with a resource center for improving your GM skills as well as showing off your talents

– try new games you might never have otherwise thought of, or been able to find a GM for!

This platform is in its beta stage so please bear with us as we continue to develop it. We look forward to creating a service that the RPG community can benefit from. Join us in creating something truly great that advances the RPG community into a new era of innovation and entrepreneurship.

You can also join our G+ community here: https://plus.google.com/communities/107395425404008638940

Thanks for listening!