p. 21-22 Paladin Feedback

p. 21-22 Paladin Feedback

p. 21-22 Paladin Feedback

In the intro text there’s an instance of “armored”. My preference would be to always use armor vs armour, but this is the only remaining instance of “armor”.

Don’t like the flavor of above the law. Maybe “Punish the unbelievers”.

Meek is good but quite powerful for a background.

I see Courage was fixed between versions, the first release was broken.

Penitence should be +1 Forward (or Ongoing, that seems a bit OP though)

Instances of “mortal” should be replaced with “mundane”?

Over Onward, perhaps supposed to be “Ever Onward”?

We Happy Few, “Inspiration” is just hold, the style elsewhere has generally been not to give hold names (although there are good reasons to name hold).

Healthy Distrust was better as a Barbarian move, maybe:

Whenver you defend against dark, corrupt, or chaotic magic, take +1 hold even on a 6-

I miss the flavor of Exterminatus. The move itself is probably wrong but I think the ability to fixate was nice.

Quest and Devout Virtue together seem like that could get out of control. The GM has control of the quest blessing to help prevent this, but adding Perfect Knight just doesn’t seem wise. I’d remove it, make Quest have a level 6+ prereq or a less powerful prereq move, like maybe Quest just for xp, then the “advanced” Quest gives you a boon. Also I don’t think “Power of the Virtuous” should have two ranks.

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  1. Good advice all around; I’ll get on implementing it. Exterminatus will find a home elsewhere, sometime, I’m sure.

    I love the idea for Healthy Disrust, since the Paladin is already centered on the Defend move.

    Quest and Devout Virtue giving a bucketload of passive bonuses does seem like a concern; I’ll look into it.

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