p. 19-20 Immolator Feedback

p. 19-20 Immolator Feedback

p. 19-20 Immolator Feedback

Lore of Flame, “You take 1 preparation towards” is the same as +1 Forward right?

Legacy of the Phoenix is not as good as Burning Bridges, this should really have some exhaustion mechanic IMO. Doesn’t necessarily have to be bonds but just removing character death as an option seems excessive.

Burn down the house flavor seems off, but I guess it works.

Too Hot to Handle is good here. Always thought the Battlebabe move was weird for Fighters. Moving it to Immolator is brilliant.

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  1. 1 Preparation is functionally equivalent to +1 Forward, yes, but with more of a long-term feel, the potential to stack, and the ability given to the player to decide when to capitalise on it. It seemed more appropriate.

    Legacy of the Phoenix only triggers when the Immolator “goes out in a blaze of glory,” so they need to be acting recklessly. Both Legacy of the Phoenix and Twice as Bright, Half as Long also have the in-built mechanism of “the GM will tell you what you’ve lost,” as a failsafe for a player who chooses to abuse them.

  2. Makes sense. I suppose it’s up to the GM to make sure that that which is lost is impactful. It doesn’t have the hard clock of running out of bonds, but is more fictionally flexible. It means that instead of a player being afraid of their character dying, they’re afraid of the consequences of Legacy of the Phoenix making their character so different that they don’t want to play it anymore.

  3. I suppose it is a different kind of death, in that regard. I could see it being a good or bad thing, depending on the circumstances.

    I do like the “once per session” clause for Legacy of the Phoenix, though, even if the wording on that one will be a bit tricky.

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