p. 15-16 Druid Feedback

p. 15-16 Druid Feedback

p. 15-16 Druid Feedback

Maybe better descriptor than “non-magical” in case setting is something like this: http://goblinpunch.blogspot.com/2015/10/the-secrets-of-mundane-animals.html

Call of the Wild “you are not precise about the location” seems problematic.

Eye of the Storm “fires your touch” typo, also 7-9 what you touch seems imprecise? If I’m trying to calm a storm in the air around me am I touching the air? Does the storm just not affect me?

Elemental Mastery is RAW but problematic, you can roll a 10+ and choose to have no effect.

Formcrafter should be “The GM will choose a different stat”

Balance uses 1d4 still.

Doppleganger’s Dance feels off flavor, don’t like the ability to clone people for a Druid.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback.

    A setting like the one that article presents is an oddity, and I’d say that these rules probably aren’t suited to accommodate them. How do you think the ability should be worded, exactly?

    I’ll fix up the text for Eye of the Storm, Elemental Mastery, Formcrafter, and Balance. Thanks!

    Doppelganger’s Dance works, I think, as an optional move – one that shows the Druid’s capacity for change and malleability. Not every Druid will take it, and those who do will probably play and act differently from those who take moves like Call of the Wild and To Speak With the World Itself. I do agree, though, it’s a strange move.

    I agree, that option for Call of the Wild could be problematic; why do you think so, and do you have any suggestions for an alternative choice?

  2. In the text “non-magical”, “mundane”, and “mortal” all have been used such that I believe they mean “the opposite of magical”. Of these I like “mundane” the best because it still leaves the door open for ideas like a “mundane magical effect” (e.g. a light cantrip). I think it’s just hard to word a move like shapeshifter that is extremely versatile yet still does have some restrictions.

    For Call of the Wild how about “Less of them appear than you’d hoped” or “They’re smaller than average”. I don’t think either of those are great, and maybe should be combined. You could also potentially just have the two options.

  3. At the end of the day, the intent of Shapeshifter is that the Druid can turn into creatures like cats, bears, moose, fish, hawks, drakes, and similar; as long as it’s not magical (as there are advanced moves for that), it’s fine. “Non-magical” and “mundane” are used pretty interchangably to this extent, with “mortal” being used almost entirely to refer to living, mundane races (like Humans, Elves, your standard fantasy fare); it’s complex. I’ll have to look into it.

    I’ll see about incorporating some kind of change to Call of the Wild, too.

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