p. 13-14 Cleric Feedback

p. 13-14 Cleric Feedback

p. 13-14 Cleric Feedback

Thaumaturgy should be named “Miracle” or “Petition” or something other than thaumaturgy. That word is a little overloaded in DW hacks in my experience.

“Imposes on you a task” is weird language “imposes a task on you” would be better.

Holy Petitioner seems really weak, complete a quest for +1 forward doesn’t seem like much especially with the level 6+ and move prereqs.

Cheat Death Again should just be called Cheat Death?

Rebuke is good, but name doesn’t exactly match flavor, maybe “Commandment” or “Edict” or “Decree” instead.

Anathema needs a different trigger. As is it’s a win more move. If I’m already “striking down” (i.e. killing) an enemy why do I need to risk negative consequences to disintegrate it?

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