2 thoughts on “Someone got Tomb of annihilation? Would it be a fun DW campaign to run or its too “predetermined”?”

  1. I’ve got ToA and have been reading through it. It’s fairly sand-boxy, but the “main story” is still pretty linear. I have almost all of the 5e stuff and use it for background ideas rather than the story as presented. There are some really cool bits in it and the main premise is enough to start a campaign in any system (resurrection magic no longer works, and anyone who has ever been resurrected is slowly rotting away).

  2. Make sure your players want to play it. It’s high stakes, players would have a more serious 7-9 deal or not at all. Since the death saving rolls are increased, debilities would be handed out like beers at a tavern and running into a zombie tyranosaurus rex sounds fun til yoy realize it has a mini army of it’s its previous victims in its mouth xD. All in all, it’s good for those up to the challenge. My kind of supplement, but I like things difficult.

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