There are certain moves/spells that target allies.

There are certain moves/spells that target allies.

There are certain moves/spells that target allies. Sage said that healing spells are meant for you to be able to target yourself, but in your games are there certain spells/abilities that you don’t let players target themselves, ie invisibility or bandages?

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  1. Nope. So far I have always let them see themselves as an ally: but I like that it is left open to interpretation. I think perhaps if there were multiple healers in a party I might reconsider the ally thing, and make them heal one another, just to add extra potential strategy and interactions…

  2. It feels unfair, in my experience, for someone not to be able to use healing (or any abilities) on themselves, because why wouldn’t you be your own ally? It’s difficult to justify otherwise, especially in the fiction, for the sake of how the rule’s worded.

    (Not impossible, of course – there’s always exceptions. If you’re ensorcelled, say, or if you’re too wounded to attend yourself.)

  3. When writing my alternative spells sheet for the Wizard, I was super careful to explicitly say whether you can use the spell on yourself – none of this interpreting what an ally is nonsense.

  4. Lay on Hands: I won’t let that work on yourself, because of both flavor and mechanics. Flavor: the paladin is touching another skin to skin. Mechanics: the 7-9 result doesn’t make sense and b yourself.

  5. Yeah I think flavorwise, paladins shouldn’t be able to lay on hands on self.

    In general, some spells will say ‘ally’, some will say ‘you or an ally’, so I didn’t know if that was an inconsistency or explicit.

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