Does anyone know who made this Robin-Hood-like alt-ranger?

Does anyone know who made this Robin-Hood-like alt-ranger?

Does anyone know who made this Robin-Hood-like alt-ranger? [Edit. I’m an idiot, it’s in the bottom left corner. It’s by Anthony Giovannetti. Now that I know that, I’ll say that I think it needs a bit of work, but that it’s basically brilliant. I have been frustrated by the ranger for a while because it’s not much of an archer and the animal friend thing doesn’t seem as interesting as it might be in the fiction. So it needs to go one way or the other. In any case, I wanted a Legolas/Robin Hood kind of playbook and here it is.]

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  1. Here’s an analysis I wrote a while back on Discord:

    Trick shot seems fair to me. [There were some who thought it was over-powered] The effects sound good, but they are all limited. THe most effective is probably poison shot. They have to hit too, remember. It makes me wonder, would you chain the moves together right away (Trick Shot + Volley in one player “go”) or would you separate them by a few moments to represent the time it takes to pick out the right arrow? As in

    GM: “Ranger?”

    Ranger: “I want to pull out a smoke arrow and cloud up this place!”

    GM: “Ok. Thief, what do you do?”

    Ranger: “Wait, don’t I get to shoot?”

    GM: “Hang on. Thief?”

    Thief: “Yeah, I hamstring the goblin next to me” [Rolls Hack and Slash] “6 damage, but it’s 7-9.”

    GM: “Ok. Well, while you were fighting his buddy up on the rock jumps down onto your back and gets his arm around your throat to choke you!”

    “Ranger, you can fire now.”

    Ranger: “About time. I take a shot at…”


    Hmmm. The trap move requires that you stick around – at least the first two options suggest that. I like #2. At first it didn’t make sense then I thought about a Ranger preparing a grove ahead of time and luring an enemy in. In the battle they could spend “Trap” (why not Hold?) to negate an enemy attack. That’s cool. Very cinematic.


    Blot Out the Sun may need a little work. Options 1 and 2 pretty much amount to the same thing don’t they? I can see there’s a fictional difference, but it’s minor. I guess 3 is cool if you can choose it in addition to others or multiple times. Do you really get to pick your target(s)?


    Wild Empathy seems out of place. It feels like a druid thing. I would make it less “speech” oriented and say like “You understand the ways of animals. If you take a moment to study the behavior of an animal you can either predict it’s next move or figure out what it is reacting to.” Something like that.


    Camouflage is cool, but it trumps Background: Loner.


    Brave Sir Robin. WTF. Get out of here with that trash. :smiley: Doesn’t belong in with an archer/ranger.


    Untouchable Hero and Friend of the People are cool. Very Robin Hood. FotP needs rephrasing though, the trigger sounds like you have already sneaked in, but the move helps you sneak in. It should be “When you need to sneak into a settlement, roll….”


    Arrows of the Hydra. Ok. Cool. But … why does it fester? And why “Hydra” – it doesn’t multiply or grow another head. Needs work, but the idea is sound.


    Overall a pretty cool class. Really nice bones for a ranger-archer, just like I wanted.

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