Magical item idea

Magical item idea

Magical item idea

Made with a minor arcana generator posted by Jeremy Strandberg​, i think (cant find the post)

Btw aetherium is an alloy of copper and lightning

The thunderstone

The thunderstone houses a demon wich has learned to use the aetherium’s property to conjure lightning, the demon is bound to the stone and has to get out to use his powers,the demon has 10hp and to bind him to your will and give him an order, roll+CHA, on a 10+ he obeys you, on a 7-9 he obeys you, but will ask for something in exchange(hp, gold,etc.),if  you cant or wont pay him, apply the effect of the 6- after the demon completes his task On a miss the tdemon is out of control and blasts everyone indiscriminatly, until he gets 0hp, at wich point he will hide

to regenerate , cancelling his use for two days.

Elcatra (medium demon)


10hp 1 armor

Special quality,stun touch, when hack and slashing him, defy danger with CON

aetherium claws,close,1d6+stun lighning:1d4 area,reach,stun

Elcatra was once a small , very adaptable demon, wich appeared , summoned by the tempest lords, who enclosed him in a small aetherium orb, with the years, he adaptated more and more to the aetherium, his claws started to look more and more like the ore, and his hair like coper wires, finally, he learned to manipulate the lightning of his anchor.

Instinct:when bound, to obey

When free, to wreack havock

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