21 thoughts on “Black hack, white hack, macchiato monsters, WOD, DW Lite…. Are there any of this ilk that I am missing?”

  1. Portal Rats by Tore Nielsen and Neal Stidham is a hack with a Planescape feeling. Really cool

    I +1’d Maze Rats but I feel it deserves to be re-mentioned as it is awesome. Kudos to Ben Milton

    Troika! is in your page range and is a great lite-weight game that is substantially different from most of the other games listed here. Daniel Sell

    Stay Frosty is a hack where you play Space Marines(ish) in scenarios influenced by movies like Starship Troopers, Predator, Alien, The Thing Casey G.

  2. Into the Odd is really keen. No to-hit rolls speed up combat, the fact that damage applies to your HP and then STR stat is nice (and you’re making a roll-under strength check after the damage to stay up, which is nice – party ‘wipe’ means that everyone got hurt and lost consciousness, but they can potentially wake up in a worse situation if that’s what the enemies would do). Has a more industrial vibe than some of the other straight-fantasy options.

    Blood of Pangea might be to your liking. PCs are described in a few short sentences, the traits/facts written can then be used to give a bonus to the game’s 2d6 rolls. The system uses a few classes: warriors, thieves, and wizardlings. It has aspirations towards more of a Conan-and-Elric vibe. The same publisher put out Pits and Perils (more traditional DnD fantasy setting, stats-less, has classes, 2d6 only, quite nice). And Diceless Dungeons, which has some resource-management and traits-based stuff, but otherwise there’s no randomization in what happens, just narration and negotiation. The Sneaky character can normally sneak, the Bookish character probably knows something from a book about this, etc. It’s definitely kindled an interest in diceless rpgs for me.

    Streets of Mos Eisley is a Star Wars WOD hack with some conditions a la Lady Blackbird. Dark Heart of the Dreamer and Planes of Dungeons are World of Dungeons hacks for Planescapery.

    I second the Rad-Hack as it is great, has a free SRD on github, and does all the Mad Max / Gamma World stuff that you could want from The Black Hack.

  3. Exemplars & Eidolons, by the author of Stars Without Number, is a wee free old school fantasy hack that doubles as an annotated design template and master class in book design.

    Searchers of the Unknown is collected free with a ton of neat little lightweight hacks as well. Characters’ stats are basically just boiled down to HP, move rate, and AC doubling as both durability (if low) and maneuverability (if high).

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