11 thoughts on “As a GM/DM or player, have you ever killed someone else’s character out of real life anger?”

  1. These polls are difficult because no one wants to admit to being a dick or making a mistake despite us all being humans. So don’t expect an accurate outcome. However I have been there when I was much younger around 16 in High School were we all were much younger and didn’t have all my emotions under wrap. It was a dnd game and I got upset, so one of them got dead.

  2. i go for no and hope it is true.

    But my body count is rather low so….

    ohh, just as i write i remember that i did not kill but heavy wounded a player because he annoyed me.

    ok, i change to “yes”

  3. When I think about it, I have killed someone’s character in anger over their actions as PCs in high school. It was a direct result of actual in character choices that made little sense and upset all players at the table, but it could be seen as a ooc choice to let the concequence be character death…

  4. I had a Fighter who was completely ruining my setting. Not only had he ignored the theme I made he’d also turned himself into a tank I could barely touch in combat scenarios. In the end I didnt quite kill him but I took away every thing that the character had. I had mutants snap his signature weapon and scar his handsom face… and that was just the start.

  5. I voted yes, but this is a story about being passive aggressive, not killing a character… When I was in college my roommate (Greg) just absolutely refused to clean up after himself; paper plates, red solo cups, clothes, pizza boxes, WHATEVER were strewn all about our (frickin’ TINY) dorm room.

    I created an NPC that was just like him, and the Duke put Greg’s character in charge of the NPC (it was the Duke’s son). This character would leave a mess everywhere… camp site, formal dining occasions, trekking through a forest… always with bad consequences (bad guys able to track them, lowered social standing, wood elves attacking, etc.). Sadly, Greg never caught on LOL

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