The Dungeon World community is 10K strong.

The Dungeon World community is 10K strong.

The Dungeon World community is 10K strong.

Dungeon World received awards.

Dungeon World is VERY popular. I think the makers of this RPG should be banging out fronts, classes, et cetara ‘Shadow of the Demon Lord’ style.

And I think a lot of people agree.

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  1. It’s a shame that there’s no real support from the creators for this game – Sage and Adam are busy living their lives.

    Thankfully we’ve got a lively, reliable community here (and on Reddit, and even a Discord channel) to fall back on. We’ve got creators like Jacob Randolph, Awful Good Games, etc. at our backs. I’m even working on a project right now to revamp all the core classes and, possibly, look towards engineering a Freebooters-style supplement that shifts the aim towards accruing Fame.

    Dungeon World will live on.

  2. Maybe you didn’t intend it this way Muggins AU​, but your “no real support” comment comes off as pretty rude. Are the authors of a game expected to provide support forever after publishing it?

    Both Adam and Sage have lives other than DW, as you said. We’re not entitled to their time simply because we bought their game.

  3. That wasn’t the intention, Chris Stone-Bush. Sage and Adam have lives beyond Dungeon World, and most PbtA games get little (if any) support beyond their initial releases.

    It’s not an expectation, just an unfortunate truth.

  4. Personally, I love the Open Source / Maker culture of Dungeon World. You can find playbooks, compendium classes, and monsters all over the place. New ideas creep in as well. Dungeon Starters are an idea the Marshall Miller had and have been picked up and run with by the community. Check out the Dungeon World Codex ( for a bunch of monster ideas. You also have the zines like Codex, Plundergrounds, Session Zero, and Swordbreaker (and I am sure there are others). There are also a bunch of rules extensions, variants, and setting books (Perilous Wilds, Last Days of Anglekite, Class Warfare, Funnel World, Adventures on a Dungeon Planet, Wizard Spawned Insanities, Perilous Deeps, A Book of Beasts).

    To me, this is a more vibrant community because it is so easy to contribute and that’s no accident. Sage and Adam included rules for extending the game in the game itself and also released the game with a license that allowed people to create and share (and even profit from) their own creations. It is also built on the back of Apocalypse World which initiated that ethos within this small sphere (I fully comprehend that the PbtA sphere is not the only one that encourages hacking and extending its game system).

    Dungeon World has a great community and I firmly believe that it is that community’s embrace of the game’s extensible nature is one of the primary movers for its growth.

  5. Arakar Gaiden, please checkout the Dungeon World Discord server if you haven’t already. We’re hard at work at doing what you think the creators should be doing. Speaking of which, I’m happy they have other things going on!

    We have plenty of creators, and the “makers” ARE putting out the fronts, classes etc – have you seen DTRPG? My goodness! Ray Otus, Logan Howard, Brian Holland are pumping out Zines every month! Not to mention the millions of supplements out there. The beautiful thing about the Dungeon World license is that we don’t NEED “the creators” – they are already are amongst us. – Discord – Free voice and text chat for gamers

  6. Thanks Yochai Gal and Jim Jones for mentioning our zines! I think Dungeon World is actually more attractive to me BECAUSE of it’s nothing-is-canon nature. It practically begs you to make it your own from the start.

  7. Yochai Gal What’s the best way to keep up with any projects being undertaken by the Discord channel, without having to keep abreast of the torrent of real-time chat?

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