Has anybody adapted the Dragonfire Adept from 3.5 into a Dungeon World playbook?

Has anybody adapted the Dragonfire Adept from 3.5 into a Dungeon World playbook?

Has anybody adapted the Dragonfire Adept from 3.5 into a Dungeon World playbook? The closest I know of is the Dragon Mage, which doesn’t really do the job, so I’m wondering if something closer exists in the wild.

The essential feature I’d be looking for is starting off with a breath weapon which you can gain more narrative options for as you advance. Picking up other draconic aspects as you go would be nice, too. The rest of the class, like non-breath-related invocations, I am not particularly attached to.

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  1. Emong’s collections of compendium classes contained a full-on “Dragon” compendium class. It was released very early in the history of DW, but still seems good to me.


    Edit: hmm, it seems to have fallen afoul of the Dropbox policy change that removed public folders. On the grounds that it was freely released to be downloaded, I’ll copy-paste it here for your reference:

    Alternate Bonds:

    ____ stole a trinket from my hoard.

    ____ made a pact with me in exchange for lost knowledge.

    ____ thinks highly of themselves for one so small, I should cut them down to size.

    Race: Dragon (any class):

    Bottomless Stomach

    When a move tells you to mark off rations, mark off one more than you usually would.

    Dragonic Transformation

    You may transform between your natural dragon form and a humanoid form at will. As a dragon your teeth, claws, and breath weapon (element of your choice)

    all deal class damage and you may fly. You have access to all of your moves as a dragon, though some may be harder to perform. A dragon is going to have

    a hard time playing an instrument or using a shield, for instance, and may not fit into all buildings. You select the general appearance and race of

    your humanoid form the first time you transform into it during play, but no matter what there will always be at least one thing about it that is

    imperfect, be it the way you move, having cat-like reptilian eyes, or whatever. Tell the GM what your imperfection is.

    Compendium Class: Great Wyrm

    When you are a dragon, and you knowingly sacrifice or allow significant harm to come to something or someone important to you in the name of avarice

    you may take this move when you level up:

    Sleep On A Pile Of Gold

    Whenever you add 100 gold to your hoard, take +1 hold. You may spend this hold (and by extension, your hoard) you gain +hold spent forward to

    Parley, or otherwise convince someone to do something.

    Once you’ve taken “Sleep On A Pile Of Gold,” the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves,

    you may choose from this list when you level up.

    Dragon Magic

    If you don’t have the Ritual move, you gain it as per the Wizard class except that you may choose to roll either +Int or +Cha when you use it.

    If you do have the Ritual move, choose any one spell you know. You now prepare that spell as though it were one level lower, and can memorize it

    even without having access to your spellbook.

    Burninating The Countryside

    Your breath weapon uses a damage die one step higher than your class damage.

    (1d4 -> 1d6 -> 1d8 -> 1d10 -> 2d6)

    Serpentine Tongue

    When you Discern Realities about a person, you may also ask “What is it they desire most?”

    The Superior Species

    When you Spout Lore while exaggerating or overemphasizing the importance of dragons and their history in that lore, take +1 to the roll.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, peeps! I don’t think either one is really what I’m looking for (they both have breath weapons, but they don’t do anything terribly interesting with them), but they might have some ideas I can ape.

    Looks like if I want an adaptation I might have to do it myself. Could be a fun project, but we’ll see. 🐍

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