Hello! We play loads of Dungeon World over at the Gauntlet. Our latest series is called We Hunt the Keepers! and it has been pretty dynamite. Below is a link to a YT playlist that contains all 13 sessions we have currently run in that campaign. Those sessions are divided between four different adventures:

The Song of the Milk-White Putrescence (4 sessions)

Children of the Eight-Legged She (4 sessions)

The Path to Dim Carcosa (4 sessions)

The Merry Abattoir (1 session, with 3 more to come)

Future adventures include:

The Bloody Road to Bellet Osc (coming in September)

The Bone Crown of Old King Smule (part of Gauntlet Con, October 20-22)

I have had a really stellar cast of players to this point, and I’d like to give them a little shout-out:

David LaFreniere, my co-host on Discern Realities and co-editor of the Codex zine;

Fraser Simons, author of The Veil RPG;

Lowell Francis, my co-host on The Gauntlet Podcast and author of the ENnie-nominated Age of Ravens blog;

Gerrit Reininghaus, who is one of my favorite Gauntleteers to game with;

steven watkins, organizer of Cheap Con in Austin;

Christo Meid, a fantastic and supportive member of the Gauntlet community;

Tony Hahn, a new player I was delighted to get to see in action;

Chris Wiegand, a long-time player in my DW games; and

Maria Rivera, Gauntleteer and author of a piece in the new Codex.

If you want to see some really outstanding Dungeon World play, I recommend giving some of these a look!


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  1. It’s a format working extremely well for an open online game. Four sessions with the same group of characters means great character interaction can develop. Then fresh blood is coming in. The story arc is allowing for a similarly interesting rhythm. We can play safe on a good but not too large amount of collaboratively created lore. The overarching frame stays consistent and only slowly and carefully adopts elements in play.

  2. Thanks, Gerrit Reininghaus! I think that’s a great assessment of the campaign. My goal with this open table structure is make sure we have fun with the adventure at-hand and tell a complete story, so that whoever joins us gets something out of it, but also to create an intricate, thematically-rich framework that connects it all up. That way, there is something for everyone to enjoy. It’s a tricky balancing act, but I think we’re doing a great job.

  3. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but I’ll say it again here: I’m really enjoying watching these sessions on youtube. I’ve seen all of We Hunt The Keepers with the exception this newest one and they’ve all been a lot of fun and helped to vicariously scratch a gaming itch I otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach at the moment. It’s going to be sad to see things move forward without Logan Stormbreaker/Fleshweaver, but I’m excited to see the return of Arcon and Weary. A+ storytelling from everyone involved in these. Jason’s GMing is second to none and all of the players so far have done a great job of breathing life into their characters.

  4. Jason Cordova Nice to see your notes on MoTW basically line up with how the manual prescribes. It’s definitely a great system for codifying GM Prep. I’m in the midst of some downtime with my game group at the moment, but I may have to run them through this soon. The Stuff was one of my favorites as a kid and it’s such a great example of camp mixed with body horror.

  5. What order do we watch them in. I see 1 of 4 a few times. But it’s not clear (might be because I’m on mobile so i could be missing or overlooking something).

  6. RidersOfRohan They are numbered in sets of four, but the order is as they are listed in the playlist. So, Session 1 of Eight Legged She follows Session 4 of Milk-White Putrescence (for example).

  7. These videos have taught me so much about how to GM and play, both in general and in DW. It’s interesting to see the scene framing and dynamics between Jason and the players. And Jason’s voices and gross descriptions. I love it!

    If you wouldn’t mind Jason Cordova​, I would love to look at the notes as well!

  8. Jason Cordova Very interesting! How much of this is prepped prior to start of each “miniarc”? I see you incorporate a fair deal of the questions for the players, so maybe not too much.

    ‘PS: LOL @potato of hope and possibility. I missed this when watching…

  9. Asbjørn H Flø Very little. I fill in a lot after establishing questions. I also haven’t been doing a traditional Front structure for this one (although I sometimes do, especially for a more straight-up dungeon crawl).

  10. Jason Cordova Late to the party, but I just wanted to say I recently discovered both your Discern Realities and your actual play vids (took me a while to realise that it was you in both as I discovered each through different routes!) but I gotta say, they are amazing!

    The podcast is just amazing: Short and to the point, while retaining all the interesting bits. I love that you include some actual play.

    The longer vids on youtube are great to watch as a GM, as they showcase very well that Dungeon World does not need to be about fighting, more fighting, mixed up with some fighting. While there is nothing wrong with that, my players like the social stuff and mysteries a lot as well, and you really do that extremely well. And people were telling me it couldn’t be done in Dungeon World! 🙂

    Well anyway, just dropped in to declare my eternal love and to say: Keep up the good work! 🙂

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